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Mr. Bhattacharjee offers a personalised fertility care. He understands the immense anxiety that subfertility can cause and therefore ensures that all couples presenting with such problems are given ample time to express their concerns and expectations and to discuss the options.
He works closely with Fertility Plus (Mr Anil Gudi) and offers fertility investigations and treatments. With Mr Gudi he works at the West London Fertility Clinic

At his infertility clinic, Mr Bhattacharjee offers: 

  • Detailed assessment of both male and female factors that affect fertility and detailed investigations; 
  • Detailed ultrasound scans and hycosy (to assess the fallopian tubes); 
  • Hormonal tests, including tests for ovarian reserve (e.g. AMH) and tests for ovulation, swabs and semen analysis and follicular tracking.

He offers medical treatment, including clomiphene to stimulate ovulation and timing of ovulation.

Mr Bhattacharjee specialises in improving fertility with fertility correcting surgery, including:

  • Minimal access techniques (laparoscopy or hysteroscopy);
  • Checking the fallopian tubes;
  • Myomectomy (removal of fibroids);
  • Tubal surgery (opening blocked tubes or removing damaged tubes to help IVF);
  • Treatment of endometriosis and ovarian cysts;
  • Removing scar tissue from previous infections or endometriosis;
  • Removing uterine polyps or septum.

Assisted Reproductive Techniques including IUI, IVF, ICSI, and Egg Freezing are offered with Fertilityplus, which is a unique personalised fertility service, at Harley Street